A seamless transition from landline to live customer service.

Do you want an easy to install, easy to customize website widget that allows your visitors to quickly ask last minute sales questions?
Do you believe your website(s) suffer from shopping cart abandonment?
Do you wish visitors from around the world had a way to call you that was free to them?
Do you wish your website had latest technological advantages?

Add ‘click to call’ to your website, blog, or email.simple-click-to-call

Yes, I know you’re thinking, “But that is something only large companies can afford.”

To help you better understand why you need this technology for your website (or auction pages), you may want to review the following articles:

How To Convert Click-to-Call of Clients into Sales

Published on: October 4, 2013 by: Linda Swan
Many people leave it to potential and also don’t actively try in order to generate an online site that converts. However, studies show that the best organized approach really works. Read more…

Click-to-Call System

The core concept is Understanding Customer Needs as an essential to success in business. Visit http://www.simpleclicktocall.com.au/.

How it Works

You'll learn some of the steps to take to create a responsive phone answering system in your business.